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Once upon a time

we all took crisp, clean water for granted. Not anymore. In many cities today, the public water supply smells funny and doesn’t taste good. But all is not lost. MyUtapia™ Water Filtration Systems from DS Services bring back the goodness of water for one low fixed rate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your glass from the tap or bottle-less water cooler knowing the water is as clean and refreshing as nature intended? With a MyUtapia water filtration system, your cup runneth over with great-tasting water for drinking, or making coffee and tea. But wait, there’s more!

MyUtapia gives service a good name.

Great customer service is a fleeting memory these days. Not so with MyUtapia. MyUtapia Water Filtration Systems are installed by professionally trained technicians who really know their stuff. They’ll make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to. After that, if you decide to start service, our technicians will inspect your dispenser regularly and respond to your service calls in no time.

Our service includes the following every 6 or 12 months:

Every six months.*

Your MyUtapia Filtration Specialist will come to your location to:

Inspect your entire filtration system
Test your filtered water to verify the system is working at max performance
Check the connections and water lines
Make sure your cooler and/or faucet is clean and dispensing great-tasting water

Every twelve months.*

Your MyUtapia Filtration Specialist will perform everything in your 6-month service, plus:

Change your filter(s) at no charge
Sanitize the dispenser
Inspect your water holding tanks
Test the water pressure before servicing

*Actual service performed depends on equipment type.

MyUtapia service problems are rare. But let’s face it, stuff happens. If it does, you can count on us to respond ASAP. Just call us toll-free at 1-800-480-3326.

Stellar technicians and customer service ensure your experience.

Learn how our water filter systems help create a happy home and office.

Compare and choose the water filter system that is right for you.

Great water makes great coffee. Your brewer can connect directly to the cooler.