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How does water filtration work?

Water filtration systems can be installed under your sink or attached to a bottle-less water cooler. If you go for the compact, under-sink system, filtered water is dispensed from a special faucet installed on your sink. A filtration system plumbed to a water cooler dispenses piping hot or ice cold water at the push of a button. Either way, water flows through a multi-technology filtration system to give it the clean, refreshing taste you crave.

How often do filters need to be changed?

Water filtration system filters are rated differently based on the tap water challenges in an area. Many companies change filters only when the system is too clogged to produce water; others wait 18-24 months. MyUtapia Filtration Specialists check our water filtration systems every six months and change filters every 12 months. There is no charge** for these services with a filtration system rental.

What is reverse osmosis filtration?

Instead of removing impurities from tap water, reverse osmosis pulls clean water from the impurities. Water is prepared for treatment with a filter that removes particulates, sediment and other "floaties." Cleaned water is then forced under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane with countless microscopic pores that mostly allow molecules the size of H2O to pass through. Water gets through and contaminants are washed down the drain. Finally, as the fresh water approaches your faucet or water cooler spigot, it travels through yet another multi-technology filter with activated carbon for absolute freshness.

How do I know which technology is right for me?

Activated carbon filtration is the right choice to improve the taste of most tap water. It reduces the chlorine taste and odors commonly associated with municipal water and also reduces bacterial cysts, lead, asbestos and other biological impurities.* If your tap water is dirty, rusty, full of sediment, contains chlorine or has off color, odors and an unpleasant taste, activated carbon filtration could be the way to go.

Reverse osmosis filtration is good for tap water containing high levels of minerals. It provides all the benefits of activated carbon filtration and also reduces dissolved minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste. Consider reverse osmosis filtration if your water tastes earthy, your ice cubes are cloudy or you see mineral or scale deposits on your coffeemaker, pots and fixtures.

For more details, see Technology - Filter Comparison

How are water coolers installed?

Water coolers must be located within 20 feet of a water source. Your MyUtapia Filtration Specialist will tap the incoming water line and some of your water will be drawn through the filtration system to your water cooler. If you select reverse osmosis filtration, access to a drain is required. A drain is not necessary with an activated carbon filtration system.

What is activated carbon filtration?

Here’s how it works: Source water passes through a filtration mesh, which blocks large particulates. Next, smaller organic matter is removed. Finally, the water reaches a core of activated carbon that acts like an organic magnet and traps contaminants as the water passes through. This process is called “adsorption” (like a magnet) instead of “absorption” (like a sponge). NSF-certified, multi-technology carbon filtration is also effective in reducing carcinogens and other disinfection by-products as well as lead, which may leach from the pipes, solders and fixtures that deliver tap water.

*Certain carbon filtration models are not available for residential use in CA, IA & WI

**Offer valid for new commercial customers with approved credit. One-year Water Service Agreement required. Offer not available in all areas. MyUtapia filtration systems only are suitable for filtration of water that meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for municipal water. A variable energy surcharge applies for each installation, service visit and filter change. Early cancellation fees and late fees also apply.



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