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A water filtration system connects to your existing water supply to reduce potentially harmful impurities and other contaminants in tap water, and with reverse osmosis reduces total dissolved solids (TDS). Don't worry if you're not sure what's in your water – your MyUtapia Water Specialist will figure it out. Because water is filtered before it's dispensed from your tap, refrigerator, ice maker, water cooler or coffee dispenser, you get fresh, safe water for drinking and making coffee and tea, even watering plants.

Application of the water filtration system.

Our experts can install a water filter system under your sink or attached to a bottle-less water cooler. If you go for the compact, under-sink system, filtered water is dispensed from a special faucet installed on your sink. With a filtration system plumbed to a water cooler, piping hot or ice cold water is dispensed at the push of a button. Either way, you’ll enjoy the clean, refreshing taste you crave.

Find out about the different types of filtration.

MyUtapia™ offers two water filtration options: activated carbon filtration and reverse osmosis filtration. Learn which type is best for your home or office.

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Great water makes great coffee. Your brewer can connect directly to the cooler.