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Carbon Filtration vs.
Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Activated Carbon Filtration

An Activated Carbon Filtration system is a great choice for improving the taste of most tap water. It reduces the chlorine, tastes, odors and sediments commonly associated with municipal water, and also reduces bacterial cysts, lead and other biological impurities.

We recommend an Activated Carbon Filtration system when your tap water:


  • Is dirty, rusty and full of sediment
  • Contains chlorine
  • Has off color, odors and unpleasant taste
  • Has low mineral content
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Reverse Osmosis Filtration

A Reverse Osmosis Filtration system is good for tap water containing high levels of contaminants. It provides all the benefits of Activated Carbon Filtration and also reduces dissolved minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste.


We recommend a Reverse Osmosis Filtration system if you detect:


  • Earthy taste in your water
  • Cloudiness in your ice cubes
  • Mineral deposits on coffeemakers and pots
  • Scale buildup on fixtures
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